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     March 20, 2018      #83-78 PB1
Crab and oysters are a hot dish at the Tradewinds Buffet at Treasure Island Resort and Casino.
Holly Ebel

Holly Ebel: Get hooked on this seafood buffet

Holly Ebel: Queda fascinado con este buffet de

By Holly Ebel

Recently, I met Minneapolis friends at Treasure Island Casino, near Red Wing, an annual outing.

This was a Thursday, and as we passed the Tradewinds, one of seven restaurants in the casino, there was a line, three deep, stretching for what seemed like blocks.

Curious as to why, we were told it was for the all-you-can-eat seafood buffet held every Thursday. It’s so popular, customers think nothing of standing in line, sometimes for as long as two hours. One man I asked already had been there an hour. “It’s worth it,” he said.

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And it’s not just seafood — there are desserts aplenty at Tradewinds Buffet, too.