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     March 20, 2018      #50-78 PB1

Feeling chilly? Grab a hot bowl of chili

¿Tienes frío? Toma un tazón caliente de chili

Holly Ebel, life@postbulletin.com

Will Rogers called it "a bowl of blessedness," and millions would agree with him. 

Chili is definitely the "go-to" dish these winter days and likely one of the most popular soups or stews on the culinary scene. Wouldn't you like to know how many tons of it were served in homes during the Super Bowl?

Chili has a lot going for it: Most of us love it, it can be made ahead and there are hundreds of variations. If you don't like one  there is surely another you would. Go to a chili cook-off — one of the more popular food competitions — and you'll get the idea.

One thing is certain — ...

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