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     March 20, 2018      #51-78 PB1

TAKE A DIP Time to dust off that fondue pot

TOMAR UNA INMERSIÃN Tiempo para desempolvar esa olla de fondue

By Holly Ebel

If you're stumped about a special dinner for tomorrow night, here's an oldie but goodie you might consider: fondue.

Yes, really. That iconic dinner party dish of the '70s has been resurrected, this time with variations. The restaurant Five West even has a fondue appetizer. So dig deep into the cupboard and pull out the pot, burner and forks. Fondue is having a moment. Again.

Whether it's with cheese, meats or chocolate, this "cooking by dipping" is an easy way to enjoy time as a couple, a family or with friends, cooking together and ...

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