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     March 22, 2018      #22-80 PB1
Rochester Raiders adapted floor hockey team captains Ryan Broers, left, and Toriano Dixon will lead the team into the state tournament, beginning Friday at Bloomington Jefferson High School.

Adapted floor hockey: Raiders senior hope to go

Hockey de piso adaptado: Estudiante Senior de los

Jason Feldman


Toriano Dixon has played in five state tournaments. Ryan Broers has played in three.

But ask the Rochester Raiders seniors if it ever gets old and they’ll offer a look like someone just tried to take the puck off their stick.

“A lot of us are pumped to play at state again,” Dixon said. “It definitely helps us a lot (having been there before). The pace definitely picks up, it gets a lot faster as you keep moving on.”

Dixon and Broers will get one more opportunity to ...

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Jason Feldman