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     April 18, 2018      #23-107 PB1
Animal shelters across the country are teaching cats tricks that will make the kitties more appealing for adoption. Last year, Stephen Holdeman, manager of feline behavior at KC Pet Project, worked with a cat named Wesley. The kitty has since been adopted.
Can your cat high-five?

Lisa Gutierrez
Tribune News Serviceee

Why are photos and videos of cats high-fiving suddenly popping up on Facebook and Instagram?

Ask Jackson Galaxy, host of Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell.”

Last year, Galaxy launched Cat Pawsitive, a program that encourages animal shelters to teach cats how to do tricks, like giving high-fives, to make them more attractive for adoption. Shelters across the country, including KC Pet Project, have been participating.

The premise is simple. A kitty who can sit on command, jump through a hoop, ...

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