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     April 13, 2018      #12-102 PB1
Pine Island farmer Allan Prestegard, recently found his tractor hazard lights blinking after plowing snow on his property the night before. What he found inside was his trapped cat, Angel, left, who would have otherwise gone unnoticed for an indefinite amount of time. Prestegard's wife, Bonnie, hold

Trapped cat sends its own SOS

El gato atrapado envía su propio SOS

Randi Kallas

PINE ISLAND — Angel the cat found herself in a devil of a situation about two weeks ago on Allan Prestegard's farm just south of Pine Island.

Angel was trapped in the cab of Prestegard's John Deere tractor. And with the snow plowing done for the day, Prestegard was safe and warm in the house. 

What's a cat to do? 

Angel apparently jumped on the dash and flipped the toggle switch on the flashing lights. Prestegard saw the lights the next morning from the house window. Inspecting the machine ...

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