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     April 18, 2018      #14-107 PB1
Preston Mayor Kurt Reicks, lower right, holds a rendering of a possible veterans home in Preston for state senators Jeremy Miller, left, R-Winona, Dave Senjem, center, R-Rochester, and other state senators as they tour possible locations in February.

Veterans homes may be funded using Viking stadium

Los hogares de veteranos se pueden financiar usando el estadio Viking

Hannah Yang


PRESTON — These plans may have Southeast Minnesota veterans cheering “skol.”

The House State Government Finance Committee announced plans today to fund three veterans homes across Minnesota, including Preston, by using excess funds from the Vikings Stadium Reserve Account.

The Vikings stadium reserve has a balance of $58 million and is projected to grow to $120 million by the end of fiscal year 2021. Under the House bill, the stadium reserve account would be capped at 125 percent of the annual payments of the stadium bonds. The ...

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Hannah Yang