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     April 25, 2018      #51-114 PB1

Chimichangas are delicious thingamajigs

By Kayley Gamm

Chimichanga: beans, rice, cheese, and shredded meat stuffed into a bursting tortilla pocket and deep-fried, served with salsa, guacamole, and lettuce. Where did this Tex-Mex staple originate? No one really knows, but one story is that in the 1920s, a chef accidentally dropped a burrito into the deep fat fryer. She started exclaiming a Spanish profanity starting with “chi,” but quickly stopped herself and instead yelled “chimichanga!”- the Spanish equivalent of “thingamajig.” 

Here are five places you can get a delicious thingamajigs, along with a recipe to make your own when you don’t feel like leaving the ...

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