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     May 2, 2018      #60-121 PB1

What's the best move for county parks?

¿Cuál es el mejor movimiento para los parques del condado?

By Randy Petersen

It was a bridge too far.

Even if you have your heart set on a particular vehicle, it’s possible that a local favorite—perhaps one you’ve never considered—might be an even better fit for you.

A proposed trail request for Chester Woods Park failed to gain the support of Olmsted County Commissioners on Tuesday.

Karlin Ziegler, Olmsted County’s parks superintendent, presented the $5.2 million proposal with hopes of applying for $1.75 million in state Parks and Trail Legacy Grant funds. Part of the goal was to open new space in the county park.

“We’re utilizing an area of the park that is currently under-utilized for our trail system,” she said ...

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Randy Petersen