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Post Bulletin
     May 9, 2018      #22-128 PB1
The former Villa Maria Retreat and Conference Center in Frontenac was sold in March to a Twin Cities developer who intends to renovate the historic landmark as a boutique hotel and event center.
Courtesy of Villa Maria
Villa Maria project promises to revitalize

Frontenac has historical importance, landmarks, Lake Pepin, the bluffs and a state park.

What it doesn’t have, at the moment, are distinctive places to stay and visitor attractions. But that’s changing, and the news in the Post Bulletin this week that a well-known developer has acquired the historic Villa Maria convent in Old Frontenac is a bold step forward for the area.

The chateau-styled Villa Mari property and boarding school is one of the great buildings near Lake Pepin, an area that’s drenched with history. Just the name Frontenac ties the area to the earliest days of French exploration of North America — Count Frontenac was governor of New France in the late 17th century and was ...

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