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     June 6, 2018      #50-156 PB1

Holly Ebel: Better biscuits are worth the bother â¦

Holly Ebel: Vale la pena molestarse con los mejores bizcochos ...

By Holly Ebel

There are all kinds of biscuits we can get around town — McDonald’s, KFC, Red Lobster and Rooster’s. I’ve been known to almost eat myself sick on those at Porch.

What is it about this quick bread that makes them so irresistible? Tall, tender, moist and buttery with maybe some butter, jam or honey on the side. It’s hard to come up with something better. Maybe popovers.

We have the South to thank for sending them our way many years ago. In fact, they are considered as important to their culinary history as grits, okra and fried chicken. For some reason — ...

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