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     June 13, 2018      #40-163 PB1
A 72-bed veterans home is being proposed for a 15-acre site on the north side of Preston.

Courtesy of the City of Preston

State money pushes Preston veterans home closer to

El dinero estatal empuja a los veteranos de Preston a su casa más cerca de

By Katie Lauer

PRESTON — A veteran’s home proposed for Fillmore County received a $10.2 million boost from the state last month.

The proposed facility was part of a public works construction bill signed by Gov. Mark Dayton on May 30.

According to city administrator Joe Hoffman, the current building plan calls for a 72-bed facility on a 15-acre site on the north side of the city. With the current closest veteran’s home in the Twin Cities, Hoffman said the bluff-top build near the Preston water tower would fill a great need.

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Katie Lauer