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     June 21, 2018      #33-171 PB1
A gathering is held Wednesday at the Chatfield home of Clyde Solga, third from right, that included several of his Vietnam War friends and fellow soldiers who are now scattered across the United States. “We were all infantry boys. We’re men now. A lot of us are here because someone else was ther

Six Vietnam vets reunite in Chatfield

Seis veteranos de Vietnam se reúnen en Chatfield

By Spencer Suckow

CHATFIELD — Clyde Sogla got emotional just talking about it.

For the first time since coming home from Vietnam in 1969, he and five other members of the 1st Battalion, 69th Armor, 4th Infantry Division got together for a reunion on Tuesday. Not only was it the first reunion for the group, but it was the first time that some of them had seen each other since returning from war.

Unlike when they returned, however, the group received a true hero’s welcome this time around. Whereas some of the men had objects like tomatoes thrown at them in the ...

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Spencer Suckow