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     July 18, 2018      #43-198 PB1
Donna Anderson met her husband, Red, dancing at the Rainbow Pavilion between Eyota and Dover. “I had to tell him he could have the seventh dance,” she recalled.

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Jen's World: 99 years of stories, history and

By Jennifer Koski

They say fortune favors the prepared mind.

I’ve been prepared to interview Donna Anderson since the moment I met her. Donna attended one of my writing classes a few years ago, and stuck in my mind for several reasons.

Mike Paradise

For one, she was impeccably dressed — the kind of style that I hope someday to attain, but am not likely to. Tailored clothes, flawless makeup, funky glasses.

For two, she wrote memorable stories — about learning to drive at age 12 from her blind father. About visiting monkeys at the zoo behind (the ...

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Jennifer Koski