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     July 27, 2018      #40-207 PB1
Sgt. Troy Christianson

Ask a Trooper: What's the age for a child to

Pregúntale a un policía: ¿Cuál es la edad para un niño?

By Sgt. Troy Christianson

 Yesterday, I saw a guy go by my house on a motorcycle. He had his daughter sitting in front of him while he operated the motorcycle. This girl could not have been more than 7 years old. What is the age for a child to legally ride as a passenger in Minnesota? A second question, is it legal for that child to sit in front of the actual operator?

Answer: A passenger who is unable to place both feet on the foot pegs or is riding in front of the operator is an extremely dangerous situation and against the law.

For safe motorcycle operation with passengers:

• A motorcyclist may only ride on a ...

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