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     August 7, 2018      #51-218 PB1 2
Zumbro Valley Audubon Society volunteers Jim Peterson, Lance Vrieze and Jerry Pruett take a break July 31 while repairing the deck of the observation platform.
Contributed / Courtesy of Zumbro Valley Audubon Society
Local birders turn builders: Volunteers rebuild
Local birders turn builders: Volunteers rebuild observation deck

By Lydia Hansen

The Eastside Wildlife Management Area just outside Rochester is one of the best places in Olmsted County to see wetland wildlife.

It’s an especially popular place for birders, who use the observation platform overlooking the scenic marshland to get a good view of their favorite local birds and migrant visitors.

But popularity has its pitfalls, and heavy use had taken a toll on the platform. The wood of the deck had rotted through, and in places, has broken, leaving gaps and holes.

The potential ...

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Zumbro Valley Audubon Society volunteers Jim Peterson, Dave Nelson and Lance Vrieze remove and replace 24 rotten boards from the deck of an observation platform overlooking the Eastside Wildlife Management Area near Rochester.
Lydia is a 2018 summer editorial intern for the Post Bulletin. She graduated from RCTC in May 2018 with an AA in Liberal Arts and Sciences and certificates in Communication Studies. When not writing, Lydia enjoys watching old Westerns and crocheting.