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Post Bulletin
     March 22, 2018      #61-80 PB1 2
John Weiss: 'Crappie Tom' skips the bait shop
John Weiss: 'Crappie Tom' skips the bait shop

By John Weiss

"We are going to make a batch of plastics," said Tom Sawvell. "I'm a tackle crafter primarily."

Into the small glass bowl he put some liquid that looked like weak milk, added just the smallest dab of glitter, blue highlight, a UV powder (fish love UV, he said) and stabilizer. He mixed it well. "We're all set to roll," he said.

Sawvell, known as "Crappie Tom," loves to putz around in his constant quest to make better plastic baits to fish for everything from panfish through the ice to big open-water ...

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John, now retired, has covered the outdoors for the Post Bulletin for more than 40 years. He is the author of Back Roads: The Best of the Best by Post-Bulletin Columnist John Weiss, published in 2017.