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     March 23, 2018      #71-81 PB1

"All you do is dunk and smile and that's not going

"Todo lo que haces es volcar y sonreír, y eso no

Matthew Stolle

Nothing about Zeus McClurkin’s early life suggested that he would one day be a member of the world-renowned Harlem Globetrotters.

McClurkin grew up loving sports. He was on the swim team and also played football, tennis, baseball, and soccer. He was good at everything. 

“I played every sport in middle and high school growing up,” McClurkin said. “You name it, I played it. Basketball was the only one I wasn’t very good at.” In fact, from sixth to 10th grade, he was cut from every basketball team he tried out for. 

Then one summer, he grew five ...

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Matthew Stolle