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     August 21, 2018      #11-232 PB1

Historical photos: Tornado tears through Rochester

Fotos históricas: lágrimas de tornado a través de Rochester

On Aug. 21, 1883, the only warning at 7 p.m. was the horrific roar of what the National Weather Service says was estimated to be an F5 tornado, just before it swooped in over College Hill (today's Pill Hill), demolishing a barn as it headed straight for downtown Rochester. Its route, which started four miles northwest of Hayfield, blasted through Rochester and exited to the east, staying on the ground for 25 destructive miles.

When the residents ventured from their shelters, they found 37 people dead and 200 more injured. Many of the injuries were serious, and more deaths probably occurred, the weather service says in a historical look at the tornado. At least 135 homes were destroyed, and another 200 were damaged, the weather service ...

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