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     August 21, 2018      #50-232 PB1

Holly Ebel: You can't stop the pop

Holly Ebel: No puedes detener el pop

By Holly Ebel

If you were asked to name America’s most popular snack, you could probably answer in a nanosecond: Popcorn.

Right you are! We in the U.S. consume 17 billion quarts of popped corn every year, which works out to 68 quarts per person. You can buy it everywhere — in movie theaters, at sports events, fairs and carnivals. Sofa snackers munch it watching TV and many bars and restaurants offer it as a freebie.

Newt’s (downtown) goes through at least 5 pounds a day, and that is minor compared to other spots. Can you walk by Carroll’s Corn ...

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