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     August 21, 2018      #14-232 PB1

Street art mural brings auto shop a whole new

El mural de arte callejero hace que la tienda de autos sea completamente nueva

Eastman Auto Repair just received a colorful facelift with three new garage bays, souped-up cars, and its own old-timey gas pump.

The catch? These new features are all spray painted, giving the building a physical 3D perspective.

At the request of new management, 26-year-old artist Brandon Cole has worked for more than a month on the unique concept to make over the old, square building at 434 S Broadway. 

 “I came up with this idea to make it not look square anymore,” Cole said. “I first drew the design of changing the perspective of the garages, and it just kept growing from there.”

Using low- and high-pressure spray paint as well as acrylic and ...

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Katie Lauer