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     August 29, 2018      #12-240 PB1
A Proterra electric bus is displayed last year in Rochester. The city will receive more than $2 million in federal grant money to introduce an electric bus to its transit fleet.

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Feds make way for Rochester's first electric bus

Los federales abren el primer autobús eléctrico de Rochester

By Randy Petersen

A $2.29 million grant will help Rochester purchase a pair of electric buses and charging system.

The funding through the federal Low- or No-Emission Grant program is a portion of the more than $3.1 million requested.

The estimated cost for the two buses and related infrastructure is $3.7 million, which has city staff considering whether to scale back plans to a single 60-foot articulated bus. The reduction would reduce the city’s cost for the project.

“Rochester is a worldwide hub of ...

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Randy Petersen