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     September 11, 2018      #22-254 PB1
Expansion of public bus services in Rochester might have to wait until 2020 because the city transit plan was modified to stay within anticipated budget constraints.
Andrew Link / alink@postbulletin.com

Will city's transit plan slow down?

¿Se ralentizará el plan de tránsito de la ciudad?

By Randy Petersen

Expansion of Rochester’s city bus service could roll out slower than previously expected under the proposed 2019 budget.

Rochester City Council Member Michael Wojcik raised concerns Monday after noting some anticipated changes appear to be put off until at least 2020.

“There’s a disconnect in what the public is expecting and what the public knows right now,” he said, pointing to the city’s five-year transit development plan.

Under the plan, Wojcik said he expected to see ...

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Randy Petersen