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     September 11, 2018      #12-254 PB1

Our View: Red Wing's remodeled Sheldon sets

Nuestra vista: conjuntos de Sheldon remodelados de Red Wing

By Tom Weber

Maybe the comparison isn’t fair, but while Rochester struggles to get the renovation of the historic Chateau Theatre underway, Red Wing is completing a renovation of its even more historic T.B. Sheldon Theatre.

Granted, Red Wing isn’t starting from scratch with the Sheldon. The theater, which was a gift to the community from grain baron T.B. Sheldon, opened in 1904. It served as a live performance venue and movie house, and was beginning to fall out of fashion by the 1980s. That’s when a major remodeling project, completed in 1988, turned the Sheldon into one of the region’s premier ...

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he T.B. Sheldon Theatre originally opened in Red Wing in 1904.

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Tom Weber