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     September 19, 2018      #13-262 PB1

UM Study: Infrastructure biggest factor in bike

Estudio de UM: factor más importante de la infraestructura en la bicicleta

By John Molseed

Road design and infrastructure are the biggest factors in cycling safety on roads shared by cars and bikes, a University of Minnesota study found.

The study was published in ITE Journal, a monthly publication by the Institute of Transportation Engineers.

Research by UM graduate students Josh Pansch, Isaac Evans and Lila Singer-Berk looked at factors that affect distances cars come within bikes when passing.

Researchers used bike-mounted cameras and recording equipment to study 3,000 passing events in ...

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A boy stops on his bike and watches traffic on 14th Street NE in Rochester on Friday. The road was repaved and restriped this summer with a dedicated bike lane marked.

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John Molseed