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     September 19, 2018      #70-262 PB1

Boys soccer: Century's AlRubayee has found his way

Fútbol de niños: AlRubayee de Century ha encontrado su camino

By Pat Ruff

It was a stumbling, desperate exchange that will never be forgotten by Ameer AlRubayee. It’s his reminder of how far he’s come and how difficult it was to get there. It was early September of 2012 and the first day of school in Rochester. AlRubayee and his family had moved here that summer from what had been a worn-torn Iraq.

AlRubayee was 11 years old. He showed up at Willow Creek Middle School that morning knowing not a stitch of English.

“I remember I didn’t know where my class was,” AlRubayee said. “So I went up to a ...

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Pat Ruff