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Bamber Valley third-grade teacher Allison Whalen points to her arm to silently remind students to raise their hands in class on Thursday. Whalen’s class is practicing nonverbal classroom management.

Ken Klotzbach/kklotzbach@postbulletin.com
Teachers use nonverbal cues for behavior
Teachers use nonverbal cues for behavior modification

By John Molseed

After rain forced the third-graders in Allison Whalen’s class at Bamber Valley Elementary School to have recess indoors for three days straight, the students were ready for some outdoor time.

It took the students two tries to line up before they would go outside. In their first attempt, students became loud and disorganized. Whalen didn’t say a word, made a gesture and the students returned to their desks. She made another and the students lined up at the door.

Whalen employs nonverbal classroom management tactics. This year, she’s ...

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Bamber Valley third-grade teacher Allison Whalen crouches to talk quietly with students Gus Okeson and Sam Gustafson during a math exercise. Whalen’s class is practicing using nonverbal classroom management strategy.

Ken Klotzbach/kklotzbach@postbulletin.com
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