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     September 27, 2018      #54-270 PB1

Chili, spice, and everything nice

Louis Livingston-Garcia

I’m not a lover of very spicy foods or drinks. But I am a fan of food and drink with a hint of spice and pepper, especially if there’s an eclectic mix of flavors to give it balance. Luckily, the cocktail scene in Rochester has plenty to offer if you’re looking for a drink with a bit of bite or uniqueness to it.

Chester’s Kitchen and Bar - Mango Chili Margarita

Tabasco sauce is never something I crave, but in this margarita, it just works. The mango and house sour help to balance what could be too spicey (at least for someone like me). The Don Julio Blanco Tequila and Triple sec – an orange-flavored liqueur – work ...

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