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Creep up your home for Halloween
Creep up your home for Halloween

Sable cats. Pasty ghosts. Ebony crows. Bleached skeletons. Inky spiders. Colorless pumpkins. Charcoal candlesticks. Pale spiderwebs. The trend in Halloween decor is stripping out the bright candy corn colors of yellow and orange and replacing it with a more simplistic, elegant and super creepy black and white. Stark and full of contrast, this basic theme is perfect for sprucing up your decor indoors and out.

From bats to black cats to signs and spell books to pumpkins and potions, it is all about basic black and white. Incredible artistic, fun, spooky and even hilarious designs are perfect for decorating for your porch, mantel and even wall decor.

Here are a few of my favorite ideas. For even more, visit our Halloween ...

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