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     October 21, 2018      #50-000 PB1

10 days after storm, football offers welcome

10 days after hurricane, football offers a welcome escape
By DAVID BRANDT, AP Sports Writer
PANAMA CITY, Fla. (AP) — Castor Gay knew his life had changed the moment he watched his back fence disappear into the howling wind and water started pouring from his ceiling. Mike Maddox sensed the same thing when he packed into a tiny pantry closet with his mom, brother and five dogs while his house shook.
Hurricane Michael delivered quite a punch when it hit the teenagers who make up the Mosley High Dolphins football team.
But just 10 days later, under the bright sunshine at Tommy Oliver Stadium in downtown Panama City, a small return to regular life had already begun. Gay was back in his bright orange, white and green jersey while doing his job on the ...

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