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     November 6, 2018      #42-310 PB1 5
Paige Ma and her daughter, of Rochester, struggle with her severe food allergy. Paige volunteers at her school every day to help keep her away from her allergens.

Photos by Andrew Link / alink@postbulletin.com
Holly Ebel: Really watch what you eat
Holly Ebel: Really watch what you eat

By Holly Ebel

Most of us can sit down for a meal, eat at a restaurant or a friend’s home, have a snack and go about our lives with no adverse effects from what we’ve eaten.

There are others, however, who have to closely watch what they eat. If not, it can turn into a life-or-death situation. These are the folks of all ages who suffer from food allergies.

While some of these allergies can show up in teens, young adults and even older adults, others have them almost right from birth. Regardless of when they appear, it brings worry and stress to parents as well as the ...

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Paige Ma’s daughter spends time in the hospital due to a severe reaction to a food allergy.