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     November 13, 2018      #52-317 PB1
Emily Steffens, middle, and her parents, Melanie and Larry Dobson. Emily writes a column for the Star Herald and was recently given the “Special Recognition Award” by the Towards Zero Deaths program in Mankato.


'I still have a lot to offer,' columnist says

By Katie Lauer

“I felt alone and sad and scary and sick and not right at all,” Emily Steffens, of Dodge Center, wrote in her award-winning newspaper column Oct. 31. “I felt like I had no meaning in my life.”

The 37-year-old writes a weekly column, “It’s My Life – Living with Severe Traumatic Brain Injury,” for the Star Herald in Dodge Center, about her life after she was in a car crash without a seat belt in 1999.

“Writing my column helps me see that my life is still good,” she continued to write. “I still ...

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Katie Lauer