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     November 16, 2018      #34-320 PB1
Cast of “Every Christmas Story Ever Told” by the Rochester Repertory Theatre are, from left, Lisa Modry, R.J. Traff and Dave Derby.

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'Every Christmas Story Ever Told' is back at Rep

By Tom Weber

Christmas is back by popular demand.

Well, there’s nothing unusual about that. After that ugly election season, we could all use a little Christmas.

But audiences at the Rochester Repertory Theatre will get more than a little Christmas this year. They’ll get “Every Christmas Story Ever Told (and Then Some!)” – a reprise of last year’s holiday hit, which opens Nov. 23.

“When it finished last year, people were asking us about it,” said Bill Schnell, who directs the show. “People couldn’t get tickets because it sold every seat. So they asked if we’d be willing to do it ...

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Tom Weber