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     November 20, 2018      #11-324 PB1
Rene Cole, left, who has been at Mayo Clinic’s Saint Marys Hospital waiting for a new heart for more than 200 days, and Becca Imhoff, who has been waiting for nearly 450 days, make Thanksgiving centerpiece decorations Monday for a Thanksgiving dinner for fellow transplant patients, former patients

Heart transplant patients to share Thanksgiving

By Matthew Stolle

Rene Cole has been waiting at Mayo Clinic Hospital- Saint Marys, for a heart transplant for 230 days. Her friend, Becca Imhoff, has been waiting for 446 days.

At the mercy of events beyond their control, the two women savor the little moments of control and normalcy their lives offer. They know that a heart could come at any moment, but until it does, they wait and wait and wait. The period has stretched on for so long for Cole that she stopped making a daily tally of her stay.

The approach of Thanksgiving gave the women an opportunity to take back some ...

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Matthew Stolle