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Post Bulletin
     December 28, 2018      #52-362 PB1
2018 Year in Review: Stories that caught our

By Jeff Pieters

The Post Bulletin recounts the memorable stories that we told you in 2018.

Consider a plotline for a made-for-TV movie, in which an everyday-seeming, 56-year-old grandmother somehow becomes the subject of a nationwide police manhunt.

She is believed to be the killer of her husband, and then a second victim — her lookalike — whose identity and possessions she steals to fuel her flight. Four weeks on the run ends when, at a beachside restaurant within miles of the Mexican border, she is said to be “cool as a cucumber” as the authorities take her in.

As fiction, it challenges our incredulity. As news, it is one of our region’s top stories of ...

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Jeff Pieters