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     January 2, 2019      #62-2 PB1
Jackson Zachary Kammueller was the first baby born in Rochester in 2019.

Andrew Link / alink@postbulletin.com

Late for Christmas, Jackson's the first baby this

By Emily Cutts

At just more than 12 hours old, Jackson Zachary Kammueller was calm and relaxed despite the four cameras all trained on him and more than a half-dozen people gathered in his small room.

“It’s a good strong name,” mom Bridget Gongora said of her son’s first name.

Gongora, 29, and her husband, Zachary Kammueller, 38, weren’t running on a few hours sleep because they were out celebrating the new year. No, the couple was pleasantly exhausted due to the somewhat unexpected arrival of their first child.

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Bridget Gongora holds her son, Jackson Zachary Kammueller, as her husband, Zachary Kammueller, stands nearby in their room at Mayo Clinic Hospital – Methodist Campus on Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2019, in downtown Rochester. Jackson was the first baby born in Rochester in 2019.

Andrew Link / alink@postb
Emily Cutts