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     January 9, 2019      #12-9 PB1

'We're just pawns.' FMC employees must wait for

By Jeff Kiger

While correctional officer Heidi Wiplinger has gone through three government shutdowns in her 12 years at the Federal Medical Center, this one feels different.

This time she and her husband, Nick, have their 4-year-old triplet sons to think about as finances get tight.

“I have a really bad feeling that it’s going to last a lot longer than anybody is prepared for. This one has felt different all along,” she said as her three sons played in the background. “There is a lot of uncertainty… Everybody’s ...

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Heidi Wiplinger, center, a corrections officer at the Federal Medical Center and union steward for Local 3947, is working without pay during the current government shutdown. Here, she and her husband, Nick, left, play with their triplets, Carter, Peyton and Reilly at their home in Rochester.

Jeff Kiger