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Post Bulletin
     January 9, 2019      #62-9 PB1
Beth Krehbiel, Zumbro Valley Health Center’s CEO.

Health center receives grant for new clinic

Post Bulletin Staff Report

Mayo Clinic has awarded Zumbro Valley Health Center $75,000 to help develop a metabolic clinic within the organization’s primary care area.

The funding will be used to better treat diseases common to people with mental illness such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and respiratory illnesses by addressing key lifestyle factors during visits.

“These funds will allow us to help people change unhealthy lifestyle habits like poor nutrition, lack of exercise and obesity,” said Beth Krehbiel, Zumbro Valley Health Center’s CEO.

She said the planned clinic will help improve the care of the thousands of people the health center treats each year.

Research shows that people diagnosed with a mental illness live, on average, 25 years less than those without one. This is primarily due to physical health conditions caused by modifiable lifestyle factors.

“We look forward to working with Zumbro Valley Health Center to provide this valuable service to our primary care patients who live with mental illness,” said Dr. Sarah Crane, medical director for Mayo Clinic Employee and Community Health. “The metabolic clinic will complement the care patients receive in the primary care setting at Mayo Clinic, helping address preventive factors related to managing conditions that can turn into complicated diseases.”

Krehbiel added that Zumbro Valley Health Center staff have treated increased numbers of people with co-morbid conditions during 2018, and that more than half of all patients are now diagnosed with a complex disorder.

“Mayo Clinic has, and continues to be, a major supporter of our efforts to improve the health of the under- and un-served populations in Southeast Minnesota,” she said. “This support has been critical in our ability to enhance the treatment options for these populations.”

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