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     January 10, 2019      #91-10 PB1
Panelists who spoke during a Community Awareness Forum in Stewartville on Wednesday included Laura Sutherland of Safe Harbor; Detective Dan Johnson pf the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office; Marian Holtorf, a program educator at the Apex Recovery School; Sheriff's Deputy Michael Strelow; Peggy Weivoda,

Vaping, marijuana, online threats: Forum discusses

STEWARTVILLE — Presenters at Wednesday's community awareness forum told the 100 or so people at the Stewartville Performing Arts Center about the increased use of drugs in schools, how parents can monitor children's use of electronic devices and how social media can draw children into the horrors of sexual exploitation.

Laura Sutherland from Safe Harbor, a state health department initiative that provides victim-centered services to sexually exploited youths, said that apparently innocent contacts on teens’ social media sites can draw children in.

“These aren’t ‘working girls.’ They’re victims,” she said.

In Minnesota, young people up to the age of 24 are ...

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