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Post Bulletin
     February 13, 2019      #42-44 PB1 4
Jen's World: Try the herring ⦠with a bit of
Jen's World: Try the herring … with a bit of aquavit

By Jennifer Koski

My friend Lisa is an avid reader. Sometimes this pays off in book recommendations, sometimes in book loans, and — just last weekend — in a multi-course meal.

Lisa’s been reading a book called “North: How to Live Scandinavian,” by Bronte Aurell. It covers all facets of Scandinavian life — from “How to be more Norwegian” to “How to smörgåsbord.”

Smörgåsbord, by the ...

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Jen has an MFA in creative writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and writes for the Post Bulletin and Rochester Magazine. She enjoys live music, adventure, and teaching writing classes. She lives in Rochester with her husband and two sons.