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Post Bulletin
     February 25, 2019      #62-56 PB1 0
Art brings generations together
Art brings generations together

By Randy Petersen

Jolene Hanson and Mabel Scurlock shared a single focus as they created a bowl formed from clay cutouts of their hands. The grandmother and granddaughter made sure the fingers were intertwined.

“This is a chance to do something unique with her,” Hanson said of Saturday’s Grandparent and Me class at 125 Live.

Since they started last month, the Grandparent and Me classes have seen a growing interest, but Saturday’s class taught by Anna Kjose was the first offered during a weekend, drawing six intergenerational teams for an afternoon of art.

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Randy Petersen, local government reporter, covering the city of Rochester and Olmsted County, as well as Destination Medical Center efforts. He joined the Post Bulletin staff in 2014.