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Post Bulletin
     February 27, 2019      #63-58 PB1
A pair of great horned owls watch the people watching them during the 2015 Festival of Owls at the Owl Center in Houston.

Post Bulletin file photo / Ken Klotzbach

Family Time: 'Experience everything owls' at

Learn more about our feathered friends at the International Owl Center’s International Festival of Owls. Drawing 2,000-plus visitors from the U.S. and abroad to the tiny town of Houston (population 979), the annual event offers a variety of opportunities to meet and learn more about owls.

“There’s an opportunity to see a live owl show all three days,” said Karla Bloem, International Owl Center’s executive director. “The Illinois Raptor Center will bring snowy, great horned, barred, short-eared, eastern screech, and American barn owls for one-hour programs at the high school. And this year we’re adding short-attention span programs (15 to 20 minutes) at ...

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