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     February 28, 2019      #81-59 PB1
Preston Halbert, 23, and Acacia Ward, 23, both benefited from a Lutheran Social Services Program called LINK. Halbert said bad decisions after high school had left him homeless and struggling. Ward said the program has helped her find housing and earn a college degree.

Andrew Link / alink@postbul

Social services program helps youths gain life

By John Molseed

Preston Halbert entered school at North Dakota State after graduating in 2015 from North Community High School in Minneapolis.

Halbert, now 23 and working to complete a two-year degree at Rochester Community and Technical College, admits he was unprepared for college.

Bad grades and bad decisions left him homeless and struggling.

Classes and coursework overwhelmed him. He spent too much time with friends. He also ran up massive credit card debts.

He ...

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John Molseed