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     March 21, 2019      #11-80 PB1
Awan Abot tests out a bridge that he and his fellow students from Shannon Peterson’s third-grade class put together with the help of Kris Langlie, a District Water Resources Engineer with the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Six MnDOT engineers helped Gibbs Elementary School students build

Students, engineers create bridges from bags

By John Molseed

MnDOT engineer Kris Langlie was supervising the laying of a bridge deck Wednesday afternoon when one of his assistant builders noticed a problem. One of the supports wasn’t aligned correctly.

“Wait, this isn’t on the flat side,” said Reed Blood.

“Good catch,” Langlie said.

The oversight was understandable — both were a bit out of their element. Langlie is a water engineer and Blood is a third-grade student at Gibbs Elementary School.

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Students from Shannon Peterson’s third-grade class, including, from left, Anya Winkowski, Kaelyn Baldwin and Asiya Awan, work on building a bridge Wednesday with the help of Kris Langlie, a district water resources engineer with the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

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John Molseed