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     March 26, 2019      #33-85 PB1

Camera gives constant view of Lake Pepin

By Brian Todd

LAKE CITY — If you spend your days dreaming of relaxing along the shores of Lake Pepin, now your dreams can come true from the comforts of an internet connection.

A new webcam, located on the northeast side of the Lake City Marina buildings is now continuously live streaming views of the lake thanks to a cooperative effort from the Lake City Tourism Bureau, Lake City Chamber and the Lake City Economic Development Authority.

John Hutchinson, Tourism Bureau board member, said the camera was installed last year and was directed toward the southeast, ...

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Sailboats dot the horizon on Lake Pepin in this July 28, 2018, file photo. A new streaming camera will show views of the lake nonstop.

Joe Ahlquist / jahlquist@postbulletin.com
Brian Todd