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Post Bulletin
     April 10, 2019      #14-100 PB1
Bob Bardwell, founder of Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch, has written a new book, his second, on his life experiences.

Ken Klotzbach / kklotzbach@postbulletin.com

Bob Bardwell and the purpose-driven life

By Matthew Stolle

STEWARTVILLE — Bob Bardwell, the founder of Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch, has felt the compulsion to write about the construction accident that left him a paraplegic only twice in his life.

The first book, “The Marathons of Life,” was published in 1996 and came 23 years after his accident. His most recent book, “16,565 Extra Days and Counting,” comes 23 years after the first book.

So the compulsion to write doesn’t strike Bardwell frequently. But when it does, Bardwell follows his muse. Both books sprang from the ...

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Matthew Stolle