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     April 12, 2019      #82-102 PB1
Connie Wempner and Nick Windschitl, two elementary school teachers, are each other’s biggest fans. Connie was Nick’s life-changing teacher in fourth grade at Sunset Terrace Elementary School, and Nick recently won the teacher of the year award in Eden Prairie. “My honor means nothing unless wh

Seen and Heard: Teacher 'lifted me up'

By Colleen Timimi

“No, it’s not about me. It’s about Nick,” said Connie Wempner.

Nick Windschitl conversely emphasized that it is all about Ms. Wempner.

“It,” in this case, has to do with the great admiration Connie and Nick have for one another. Decades ago, Connie was Nick’s fourth-grade teacher at Sunset Terrace Elementary School in Rochester. Nick is now a teacher himself, having spent 19 years teaching kindergarten. He was recently named teacher of the year in the Eden Prairie School District.

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