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     April 18, 2019      #61-108 PB1
Chatfield High School students, from left, Hunter Johnston, Sabina Boettcher, Carson Larrabee, Gage Tuohy, Nathan Goldsmith, Katie Ihrke, Rylee Burnett, Ann Warren and Jack Tuohy with their Rube Goldberg machine.

Joe Ahlquist / jahlquist@postbulletin.com

Chatfield repeats as Rube Goldberg Champs

By John Molseed

It’s money in the (piggy) bank. The Chatfield STEM team took first place in the April 6 national Rube Goldberg machine competition in Lawrenceburg, Ind.

It was the second straight title for Chatfield.

The contest, named after turn-of-the-century inventor Rube Goldberg, challenges students to complete a simple task using whimsical machines and multiple, complicated steps.

This year’s task was to put money into a piggy bank. Any theme or task leading to that end was allowed.

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John Molseed