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     April 25, 2019      #63-115 PB1 0
Feeding the geese: 'From a fun thing to a
Feeding the geese: 'From a fun thing to a no-no' 

By Randy Petersen

As Donald Mayo tossed saltines from his Ford Escape Wednesday afternoon, he said he didn’t know feeding the geese at Silver Lake was being discouraged.

“So it goes from a fun thing to a no-no,” the Red Wing resident said.

The Rochester Park Board in November sought to increase efforts to discourage feeding the geese. Earlier this year, a billboard-type sign was put in place near the parking lot on the west side of Silver Lake.

Smaller signs discouraging feeding are expected to be ...

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Randy Petersen, local government reporter, covering the city of Rochester and Olmsted County, as well as Destination Medical Center efforts. He joined the Post Bulletin staff in 2014.