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     April 26, 2019      #41-116 PB1
A handful of Milbert’s tortoiseshells like this one were spotted by Nature Nut and friends on Easter Sunday.

Marcie O'Connor

Nature Nut: Signs of spring may flutter by 

Greg Munson 

Easter last year was a cool one, with everyone bundled up at the yearly family gathering my Rochester family has been invited to the past few years.

But instead of sitting around a fancy table, this gathering is an outside event at “Backwater Bob’s” cabin a mile from mine on the Mississippi. Friend Jim Hair, and his sister Mary Kennedy, put together a spread of food every bit as good as many held around fancy tables, even on cold days like last year.

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One of Nature Nut’s favorite butterflies, the mourning cloak, amazingly winters around here as an adult.

Mark Brown